Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada


I have been visiting Sagada quite frequently since 2005 and I have always wanted to make a pilgrimage to Bomod-ok Falls, popularly known as Big Falls to tourists including myself. I have attempted to visit Bomod-ok back in 2011 but due to a festival that the local tribes were observing at that time, I was not able to.

Two years later, having done most of the “touristy” stuff in Sagada, I decided to make use of some down time by visiting the magnificent 200ft falls. The internet provided a bounty of information on how to attempt a solo homage to the falls, but wanting to support the local tourism, I went through SAGGAS (Sagada Genuine Guides Association) instead. Sagada is a great way to meet people, local or foreign, so don’t be hesitant to volunteer to be in a group. That’s what I did, and it saved me on costs and lonely selfies. Not only that, I was able to meet new friends to have dinner conversations with that night as well!

Without a doubt, even if you intend to go solo when discovering Sagada, being in a group is the best way to explore the sights (or sites) as it offers a different synergy and excitement. Although you are not obliged to be part of a group, I have found that most people who made an effort to travel to Sagada are like-minded individuals who may share the same ideals and love for travel. If not, it is always an opportunity to get to know someone whose beliefs differ from yours and whose stories are rich and unique. Being in a group means that you get to share the initial costs of a rented van (Php 600) and tour (Php 500) to Bomod-ok Falls.

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1482919_10151968386171475_2110272918_n     1495496_10151968384776475_111959360_n

1510953_10151968385846475_1968971747_n     1521676_10151968386306475_1787212424_n

1525225_10151968385576475_86494105_n     1526369_10151968386006475_1104631661_n

1527106_10151968385786475_434927695_n     1528710_10151968385261475_55502104_n

1530351_10151968386406475_1071926645_n     1535686_10151968386061475_1715924497_n





Hack | Ideally, find a group with 4 or more people and you will surely save massive amounts of money.

Our driver picked us up right in front of the SAGGAS office and since there were only four of us in the group, the ride was quite comfortable and gave me an opportunity to mingle with my new friends.


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