Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

 1459679_10151917231156475_46600151_n 1477559_10151920894816475_545202626_n

This view was expectedly beautiful and serene. When I was invited to go to Anawangin, I knew it was a sight to behold with all the rave reviews from close friends. For a time, I was working in Subic and took this place for granted thinking that it was too near to me at that time. When I finished my contract, I was really beating my head against the wall for not being able to visit this place sooner. Yes, do yourself a favor, grab a few friends and head to Anawangin for some much needed R&R.

1459740_10151919173711475_519396429_n 1465288_10151917231796475_112327_n

This was taken on top of the hill after about an hour and a half of uphill trekking. It could be shorter but being the iphonographist that I am, go figure. At one point, the hill will offer a beautiful 180° of spectacular, panoramic views of Anawangin and the cove beyond the hill where you will get a full appreciation of the place; mountain that connects to evergreens that connects to the beach.


I literally gasped. Beautiful!



I was advised that Anawangin now is (illegally) sectioned off, forcing people to pay a 50Php fee to access amenities and this mountain. We initially based ourselves in one of the sectioned-off areas in the center, but learning that our 50Php does not pay for mountain access, we had to move to one that did. Now, whose idea was it to put a fence there in the first place?

Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo of the red flag on top of the hill!



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