Street Ramen

Just recently, I got addicted to Ramen.

Since my first ever Naruto-worthy slurp in Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, I have often dreamt about the next splurge (mostly around paydays). In fact, I am two down from a list of ten Ramen places to visit this month. I’ve been taking it easy since it does rob you quite a bit. Not really easy on the pocket for a good quality ramen. So how awesome was it to spot this joint at Bancheto (Pioneer) as a cheaper alternative for a quick fix?

It. Is. Awesome!

Tokyo Ramen King offers a nice selection of Japanese staples from rice toppings to sushi at very reasonable prices. My first visit had me going for the Meguro, their miso-based ramen (150Php) with extra Chasyu pieces (35Php). It came with tamago (seasoned egg), nori (seaweed) and menma (fermented bamboo shoots) in a simmering kotteri (rich broth). This is a must try for those trying out ramen for the first time. It is thick and richly seasoned; a taste you will soon find yourself craving for.

Oh, and kudos to the staff who were pleasant and professional! Good job!


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