One day, i may need to fight for something i believe in. But given how we all have been, I am not looking forward to that day.

I too, had to walk yesterday due to the heavy traffic caused by the rally. My friday instincts told me not to catch a cab anyway. Arriving at edsa corner shaw, i witnessed the brewing tension amongst inconvenienced commuters and members of the INC faith. While it is easy to be angry at everything, and trust me, I usually am in these situations, I instead found myself asking why the INC inquiry escalated to this.

Incidentally that afternoon, i was blessed with a conversation about the very issue and I know that the tensions have created a divide amongst the otherwise united and peaceful members of the INC.

Yes, a lot of us were stuck in traffic and yes, a lot of us were tired but I couldn’t imagine the emotions of those who were fighting to be heard; whose foundations are being shaken amidst possible political motivation.

I am not an expert in the issue and I’m probably taking a stab in the dark but in these very human issues, have we forgotten how connected we all are? One day, the table will be turned and when we become the subject of judgement, will we ask for tolerance then?


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