Caj Reviews: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

The only way you can ever get me to run is when I’m running for my life.

Stats: IOS/Android, Free

In 2012, I was fortunate (:/) enough to attend the very first Outbreak, Manila event with friends held at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. For those of you not in the know, it is basically a 5km run with zombies running amok and on your trail. Like, literally chasing you as you delay mini heart attacks in the hopes of reaching the finish line with at least one of your life flags. If you didn’t like profanities prior to the run, trust me, you will be swearing like a sailor by the end of it. I remember myself casually jogging at the beginning of the race, as you would when you plan to conserve your energy, admiring the lovely (:/) zombies who were behind the fence. From a safe distance, I watched them insist freedom as they grunted, shoved and casually snickered at me, when all of a sudden, in slowmo, the fence collapsed, disentangling a horde of zombies right when I was directly across them. I’m a pretty chill person on most days but that single incident flicked my fight or flight switch faster than the time I had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t find the key to my house.

Well the masochist in me loves them zombies enough to download Zombies, Run. To be honest, I am not much of a runner but this app has succeeded in getting my butt of the couch to go on missions. You are instantly immersed into the storyline as runner no.5 trying to get to the last remaining station or outpost. Along the way, you are guided by Sam who gives you updates on your progress and to warn you about incoming danger. Throughout the mission, you collect items which can come in handy in building your base, which can be done on the app. So aside from the reality element of the missions, you can also virtually upgrade as the game progresses. To add to the atmosphere, there will be times when you are told that the zombies are right behind you. I suggest you speed up or risk losing your hard-earned collectibles. Take note, with my heart condition limits, speeding up to a jog from a light jog should do the trick. If you have the GPS tracking enabled though, it could be a lot harder to get away from the horde.

One awesome feature of the app is that it isn’t disruptive, allowing you to play your own music while on missions. You can choose to have a third-party app playlist or simply play songs from your phone. Every now and then, you hear the dispatcher with updates of your mission on the right ear and amassed supplies on the left ear. Embedded into the story line is a radio show, which is a nice touch especially when warming down, post run.

There are over 200 missions which is continuously added into, with the option to create your own missions. In-app purchases allows access to cool features such as “Airdrop” mode which puts an augmented reality spin on your runs by asking you to recover supplies from a GPS location in your area. With this said, it integrates well with the Apple Watch and the native Health app, measuring distance using GPS. You can even purchase the paid app, Zombies, Run 5K, however, there are also training plans built into the free app for those of you who would like to relive the Outbreak series.

To get a feel of this awesome app, watch this!


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