The How-To of Podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts.

I was surprised to know that podcasts have been around for quite a while now following the onset of the very first iPods. They are a cross between radio and audiobooks, but if done very well, can be likened to your favorite TV show. I say this because week after week, I am consistently waiting for the new episodes of my favorite podcasts. Yeah, I’m a big fan of podcasts.

I originally consumed this weekly addiction after chancing upon the Podcast app on my Iphone. Yeah, you know the one, in the folder you create on your home page to hide all the apps you don’t use. I immediately searched for things like Ted, or “inspiring” and finally looked for “scary” in the search box. I was introduced to top-notch podcasts already in the market, which eventually inspired me to create my own “scaryserye”.

So as you join me on my journey, lemme talk about how to set it up on your phone. Most IOS and Android phones already have a native app within their default suite but you can also use other podcatchers or download directly from a website.

Download and Listen to podcasts by following the instructions below:

For IOS users:

  1. Search or Open your Podcasts application, which is readily available in an IOS device.
  2. Click Search and search by actual podcast name or topic
  3. Click Subscribe
  4. Click My Podcasts to check you have subscribed successfully

For Android users:

  1. Launch Google Play Music app from your home screen
  2. Click Menu, which looks like 3 horizontal lines
  3. Click Podcasts
  4. Click Search and search by actual podcast name or topic
  5. Click Subscribe

There are also a lot of third party apps for IOS and Android. You just really need one good one but depending on what you listen to, you may need a few to listen to all your favorites:

Spotify: Great for those already using Spotify to listen to their music as there is an option to save episodes with a Premium account

Podbean: Good with a few oddities. Found unusual podcasts that were not hosted on the big ones

Pocket Casts: No. 1 podcast app for Android users

SoundCloud: Not as extensive but good for muzos who already have this app

Overcast: Clean and feature-filled such as Voice Boost to bring the voice forward similar to the old boombox you used to have

Lastly, check out my favorite podcasts. Mind you, I listen to a lot of apps delving into the paranormal but will try to give this list a good mix:
Lore: Bi-monthly podcast hosted by author Aaron Mankhe that is well-researched, and stitched together so beautifully that you end each episode knowing something new or just generally flabbergasted.

Criminal: The soft-spoken host, Phoebe Judge, weaves together a great criminal story of a very wide variety: from the inner workings of a convicted criminal to the ghastly and often shocking account of knowing a psychopath.

Jim Harold’s Campfire: An easily recognizable Jim converses with callers all over the world as they tell their scariest experience. It has an active Facebook group as well if you want to be a part of a community of paranormal enthusiasts.

The Mortified Podcast: How would you feel if you find the diary you wrote 20 when you were in Grade 5 or high school? Join the cringe-fest told live all over the world. Very funny and relatable.

The Moth: For lovers of stories, The Moth podcast does a good job in making the world smaller through tales of triumphs, self discovery, humanity and everything in between. Poignant and often very funny.

Hidden Brain: Discover the unseen patterns in psychology and how our brains work in many social situations, explored by a very enthusiastic, Shankar Vedantam.

Laughing Dead: An Australian podcast about comedians dying on stage in their worst gig. Hear funny people doing unfunny things as they candidly share their mortifying experience or jokes that just don’t fly.

Serial: The podcast that started it all. This is further down the list but should really have its own page because it is a gem of a podcast. This seasonal, 13-episode podcast follows one story at a time and from the very first episode of season 1, you are instantly immersed as the story unfolds like a courtroom drama.

Beautiful Anonymous: An hour-long, anything goes conversation with random people, hosted by Chris Gethard who is famous for something else. It’s a crossbreed between a confessional and an appointment with a psychiatrist. Available on Spotify.

The Morning Rush: Join Chico and Gino (oh and Delamar on older episodes) as they present you the daily Top 10 of whatever. It’s the funniest thing you can subscribe to and makes the morning commute or the broken heart a tad better. Available on Podbean.


One thought on “The How-To of Podcasts

  1. Thanks for the list. I’ll work my way thru your recommendations, starting with Criminal which has me hooked.
    Can’t wait to hear your podcasts too!! Even though the topic spooks me 😳

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