Wrong Ramen

X Marks The Spot

A friend of mine once said that one Jap must-try is butter in your miso. Yes.


In your Miso.

I didn’t think I will be able to experience that until I reach Japanese shores (in fact, I didn’t) but I seriously cartwheeled internally when I discovered a generous dollop of something else underneath my deliberately over-fried sunny-side up (pardon the hyphens). More on that later though. I gotta ask the question. What is wrong with Wrong Ramen? Almost everything. It is so wrong that it is so[ooooo] right!

If you happen to be looking for a treasure in the Burgos Circle (Bonifacio Global City), just look for the clearly marked “X” on Wrong Ramen’s lighted signage. Trust me, if you want a sinful, blinding ramen, their offerings are worth their weight in gold.


Wear glasses when entering the establishment. It will make you look cool and protect you from more blinding elements (Read, lighted signage upon entry). Just kidding.

1725469_10152049981586475_573486163_n 1901263_10152049981656475_964029848_n

I read about this place and took a mental note of it, not being part of my original list of Ramen must-visits (come to think of it, that list is getting longer). Anyway, the concept behind Wrong Ramen is to provide an off-beat set of Ramens and other offerings without compromising on taste; veering away from your usuals but staying true to the joy that ramens bring. It brags about being run by idiots who have no idea about creating ramens. But these guys deliver. Oh boy do they deliver. Living up to their claim for good, fatty ramen.


Upon entering the place, I was giddy with so many visual awesomeness. I soaked it all in as I made my way to the second floor, even saying hello to the midget ninjas atop the stairs.

1620407_10152049981986475_1578605858_n  1797543_10152049984751475_1932748545_n

The second floor is a cosy and visually appealing space. From their detention desk-like setup to their vandalized brand posters, I suddenly got it. Like an epiphany. I got what they were going for and I longed for a master-class in major trolling. It was all wrong.

1796537_10152049981761475_2068847196_n  1922302_10152049982116475_1145335985_n

Then they seduce you with a freebie. Reminiscent of fresh spring rolls from, wait a minute, VIETNAM! Another troll! These guys are geniuses.


While you wait for your order, you get to stare at this sad, grotesque R[am]enoir painting until you look exactly like that while drooling at your neighbour’s ramen. It is all part of the show.


When food subtley curses at you, you will be partially offended and in awe. When food subtley curses at you in the morning, that is something else. Because, F.U. Ramen!


I was definitely awed by F.U. Ramen (Php 425), Wrong Ramen’s all-day “breakfast” offering. If not by the rich, tasty broth, then by their trinity of toasted sunny-side egg, peppered spam and bacon. What about that butter-in-your-miso novelty? Well how about gooey cheese instead? Yes, underneath my egg (I should rephrase that) is gooey cheese (I.. should.. nevermind). That really took me over the edge because it was such an unexpected and pleasant surprise. It was so wrong, but it worked for me!

At this point, I have been jumping around ramen houses in Manila lately but OMG! I was instantly on slowmo, falling in love with this beauty. For me, this particular offering had me excited to try the other stuff. So watch this space for future updates!

What else is wrong with this place? Oh yeah. Their dessert. If they could uncensor their menu, I think they will not call this “Poop for the Gods” (Php 130). Looking like poop in a puddle of piss, I did my second cartwheel for the day.


Loved. The. Ick. In. The. Details. [Gasp]

It was missing bits of corn to add to the visuals but I think you’ll forget all that when you taste the rocksalt crusted chocolate ganache after your taste buds make its way through the olive oil madness. Phew! That was a mouthful. A must-try for those with a penchant for oral fireworks. Check them out! Now na!

WRONG RAMEN, Bonifacio Global City
Burgos Circle, Forbestown Road, Taguig, Philippines
Telephone: 823-8249
Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 11am – 12am


With almost all of senses happy, I give my first 5 Iphonostars! Good job Wrong Ramen!



Caj Reviews: Kichitora

Found out about Kichitora from a list of must-visit Ramen houses that I came across a few weeks ago and so I decided to visit the place since it was within vicinity from home. Situated on the second floor of the Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, I was expecting that it will have the feel of a fast food, casual dining venue that this mall is mostly known for. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I came in and was promptly served by the wait staff as they prepared my table for one. Upon entering Kichitora, I was pleasantly surprised that the place immediately transformed me to another realm, allowing my eyes to feast on a massive mural of tigers; echoing Kichitora’s namesake, meaning “lucky tiger”. The far wall was adorned by beautiful Japanese silk jigsawed and lit to showcase its vibrance. With the kitchen in view and ambient lighting establishing the mood, I was excited to gobble on what the place can offer.

For a first timer, I opted for the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (Php 420); hot, firm noodles ladled with a rich chicken broth and topped with thick pork/chicken chasyu, silky ajitsuke tamago (molten lava egg), nori, greens, menma (fermented bamboo shoots) and their special garlic oil (ma-yu). Between bites, I reached out for the condiment caddy for some spicy sesame oil (la-yu) to add some kick.

It was simply beautiful.

…and healthy I suppose.

As I carefully slurped the soup expecting it to be hot, I was greeted with a warm broth and initially thought that they have undercooked it. I was later informed that this was how this offering was served, with hot noodles and warm broth. However, you may also opt for hot soup upon request. For a different experience and slightly on the same topic, you may try the Paitan Tsukemen which is like a disassembled ramen; where the warm noodles is separated from the hot broth and enjoyed by dipping the noodles into the soup. This, I must try very soon. (Menu)

One thing that stood out for me was the level of service in this establishment. From their intitial welcome, I already felt I was in for a wonderful experience. The wait staff were very attentive and prompt. They knew their stuff, even patiently walking me through their menu and making recommendations.

This visit is just one of many visits I will make as I am yet to experience more of Kichitora. Watch this space as I attempt to sample one of their highly recommended offerings; Tan Tan Mien.

KICHITORA, Mandaluyong
2nd Floor, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 775-1100
Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday – Sunda: 10am – 10pm

2nd Flr, Glorietta 5 (at Ayala Ave & East Dr), Makati City, Makati City
Telephone:  555-1288
Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday – Sunda: 10am – 10pm



Street Ramen

Just recently, I got addicted to Ramen.

Since my first ever Naruto-worthy slurp in Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, I have often dreamt about the next splurge (mostly around paydays). In fact, I am two down from a list of ten Ramen places to visit this month. I’ve been taking it easy since it does rob you quite a bit. Not really easy on the pocket for a good quality ramen. So how awesome was it to spot this joint at Bancheto (Pioneer) as a cheaper alternative for a quick fix?

It. Is. Awesome!

Tokyo Ramen King offers a nice selection of Japanese staples from rice toppings to sushi at very reasonable prices. My first visit had me going for the Meguro, their miso-based ramen (150Php) with extra Chasyu pieces (35Php). It came with tamago (seasoned egg), nori (seaweed) and menma (fermented bamboo shoots) in a simmering kotteri (rich broth). This is a must try for those trying out ramen for the first time. It is thick and richly seasoned; a taste you will soon find yourself craving for.

Oh, and kudos to the staff who were pleasant and professional! Good job!

Tipsy Beans


The Alcolocal

1450067_10151900730041475_1187661460_n     1512634_10151975920556475_1083498806_n

A local fave, Tipsy Beans serve specialty spiked concoctions and good-on-the-pocket staples, making it an awesome place to hang out with friends or grab a quick bite. It also offers free wifi and boasts of its cool modern vibe.

1465322_10151900735021475_1397595491_n     1451475_10151900735996475_710068813_n

Tipsy Beans Cafe, Libertad Street, Mandaluyong