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How To Draw A Fish


Ice & Snow Festival, Harbin, China

I was composing this shot when suddenly a plane unintentionally sky-writes the general idea of this fish installation, as it turned another direction. Talk about the scheme of small things.

Stained Glass


Taken at Breakfast at Juanita’s; a well established fixture in the Kapitolyo food scene. As soon as you enter, you get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia as scenes of your lola’s couch, afternoon bike rides and slow days, instantly hits you. You look beyond the confusing decor and attempt to identify yourself with any of the random things that seem to have exploded in the resto. I took a liking to these visually-lost vintage glass vases that sat behind our table. Took a bit of time, but sometimes you have to rummage through the old to look at things anew.



City Watch

As the dawn broke into hues of orange and blue, I noticed a spider at the corner of my window. It instantly reminded me of a comic character as it silently watched the city wake up from slumber.


Monks & Money


Saw this amazing juxtaposition of old and new in Bangkok as I walked through its busy streets. His saffron robe stood out even against the heavily lit machines, claiming its prominence over modern convenience. This scene in itself is a representation of ambiguity and you wonder whether there are certain things monks choose to abstain from; a far cry from their predecessors who you see mostly asking for alms.